Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Is it a Viking ?

A beautifully calm crisp winters day meant a decent chance for a look around patch. A Song Thrush still persists but this Jackdaw was new, quite noticable was the white flash/collar and the contrast between the grey and black tones, but not sure whether it qualifies as monedula ? Never come across that race so informed comments welcome.

Also present were 2 Dunlin mixed in with 70+ Golden Plover. Large numbers of Snipe in the open due to the freeze, but still the Jack Snipe remains elusive.


bitterbonxie said...

The collar isn't a particularly prominent one as they go - there's plenty of variation in Jackdaws, and collars of one extent or another can crop up anywhere in the UK, even in places that you'd not necessarily expect to find an eastern race Jackdaw (i.e. away from the E Coast).

That said, given where we are you'd reasonably expect it to be Scandinavian origin.

I seem to recall the BOU saying that they'd need to get DNA to actually prove an occurence of an eastern race Jackdaw in the UK, given the variability the species can exhibit...


Jason said...

Was still around this am if you want to cast your eye over it, behind the School Bus/Ambulance shed.
Found some really good literature on Jackdaw races and intergrades here :
Lots of variation here also so probably not the easiest to positively id.

Hugh Harrop said...

Take a look at some of the images listed against Monday 19th November 2007 and Saturday 24th November 2007 at

Your bird looks very similar to the majority of birds in the 2007 Shetland influx and I'd say it was a monedula or 'turrium' intergrade at best. Its certainly not a soemmerringii.