Saturday, 31 July 2010

Why ?

Well, thankfully got back home this morning. Unfortunately its back to the summer of gloom as far as Shetland 2010 goes. Bloody typical that for a fortnight there has not been a bird of note in the UK, no sooner am i gone there's a Semi-P in Cumbria, a Lesser Yellowlegs at Inner Marsh Farm and a (possibly dodgy) Purple Gallinule near Chester. Oh well cant be to long until Shetland produces something of worth! A quick check of the Houb late afternoon. 3 Whimbrel including 1 juv, good numbers of Dunlin and Black-headed Gull's and a few Arctic Terns.

Whilst at the Houb took a look at the autumn vegetation. Below is the large tattie rig which produced last years Bluethroat's and Wryneck in 2008.

And the Houb Iris beds which i will have to check more thoroughly this year. Only been through them once so god knows what's gone unnoticed there?


Russ Haywood said...

Nice tattie rig! Have jumped on the blog bandwagon.Have a look at

Phil Woollen. said...

Just got back from Majorca last night. Up early for the Purple thingy and then back to bed after contacting Colin Wells (RSPB manager for IMF area) and hearing no sign of Yellowlegs. Decided to go around midday and was already in the car and five minutes away when call came through it was back. How jammy is that!

Jason said...

Nice one pal, wouldn't have minded seeing the Yellowlegs. The Gallinule would have been nice just because i have never seen one. Ah well not long you lot are up disturbing my peace. Happy days.