Saturday, 7 April 2012

Dead Mega?

An early start this morning down at Woolston was rewarded with a 'Woolston Mega'? But sad news first an adult Little Gull that had been present all week was found dead in front of one of the hides this morning, on a positive note it now lies in my freezer waiting to be stuffed!

Now the 'Mega', well to us it is. A very pale Chiffchaff trapped this morning had a very Siberian look about it, so as it posed for photos it called and a recording was taken. Said recording was emailed to Dougie Preston (cheers mate) in Shetland who did his sonogram stuff and hey presto an absolutely perfect example of a Siberian 'tristis' Chiffchaff. A 1st for Woolston and 4th confirmed record for Cheshire.


Unknown said...

Hi Jason, just out of interest did you notice if your Little Gull had missing primaries. I think your photo's only show the left wing if I'm not mistaken. It's just there was an ill looking Little Gull with missing primaries seen at Seaforth last weekend. cheers.

Jason said...

All primaries present on both wings. The bird was in pristine condition, thankfully.