Friday 22 June 2012

Stormie in Disguise!

Small fast moving birds, me and a camera are not a good mix. Little Swift in poor light and persistant drizzle. Still i could have done a hell of a lot worse, great to see so many friends also.

Thursday 21 June 2012

From T to C

Not much happening at the moment, as every time plans are made the weather intervenes. When i have got out its been very pleasant. A local pair of breeding Pied Flycatchers managed to to successfully rear 3 chicks from a clutch of 6 eggs and i got out to Conwy for the Rose-coloured Starling though its appearances were all too short.

Best news from the past fortnight is getting my C permit after a successful assessment over at Catterick. Next step is purchasing nets, which are not cheap. Autumn ringing on Shetland, sounds like a plan.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Rapturous Times

What a brilliant few days it has been? We had a jubilee street party on Sunday in the rain, fortunately we (the residents) decided to purchase a rather large marquee/gazebo and erected it in the drive. A fabulous day was had with family, friends and neighbours. My 41st birthday on Monday was a quiet affair after the day/night before with myself and my better half enjoying lovely meal in Lymm in the evening. Before all that we set up the nets on Friday evening on the mosquito infested bed! bit to death!! Saturday turned into an excellent session with over 100 birds processed. Pick of the bunch had to be the Adult male Kestrel that i was fortunate enough to ring, on the toss of a coin. Fingers crossed now for weekend as i am hopefully going to be assessed for progression to my ringers 'C' permit.