Wednesday 22 July 2009

Blue cheeked ? More like red faced

I must admit Kent is not my most favourite of counties, in fact it is probably my least favourite, why ? Well, my success rate for birds is questionable and its also the mother of all bitches to get to, as if the M6 isn't enough to contend with you also have to travel along the M25 with the prospect of delays around the Dartford crossing. So when a Blue-cheeked Bee-eater turned up at what may as well been Dover my heart sunk, as well as some of my enthusiasm. But ever the optimist i set off with Malc & Robbo for company. A few stops later and it was decided we were chasing a lost cause, the last stop being the last M40 junction before the M25. All was not totally lost with a slight detour off the M40 to view the Red Kites around the village green at Stokenchurch, magnificent views although they didn't seem to interested in the bacon i threw out for them !

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Dougie Preston said...

Unlucky mate, but your missing nowt up here either. Even the Crossbill invason seems to have died down! Glad to see your finally chasing real birds though instead of domestic ducks ;)

Give me a call when you get back, as it must be getting on for Seawatching season soon!