Monday, 8 February 2010


The cold northerly wind has returned but thankfully it had something to show for it ? The usual Greylag flock that was so elusive yesterday returned to the fields in front of the house with a count of 48. The Knot was still at the Houb, a Hooded Crow was on the beach feasting on a washed up seal carcass and a Merlin upset the calm by exercising the Ringed Plovers.

A drive around the isle was in danger of being unproductive, thankfully an Iceland Gull was at Hamister, showing quite well at times. Not sure on the age, 2w? Also a Woodcock flew by.

When I returned home the postman had delivered a complimentary copy of this Italian birdwatching journal. Complimentary because they published my Cowbird photo for their Western Paleartic review 2009. My best return for photos, 4 journals in a month. Must be doing something right ?

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