Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Good company

A fine day and an early morning phone-call from Brydon Thomason had me leaving Whalsay for a day in the company of Otters, with the hope of capturing some images. Our survey site for the day in the North Mainland didn't disappoint with some fabulous encounters of family groups and a stunning Dog Otter.
The day started well with Brydon spotting this mother collecting nest material, then with a large cub in tow they both made there way to the sea. We watched as they fed just off shore and followed as they made there way along the coast line looking for a place to rest up. Unfortunately for us where they decided to rest was in a hollow of some large rocks and out of view, but a great start nonetheless.

Further along the coast we came across this impressive Dog enjoying himself in the (not so warm) spring sunshine. In the flesh an absolute beast, in the nicest sense of course.

Still on a high from the Dog encounter Brydon heard a contact call from a cub then another. As we listened we picked the duo out swimming along the rocky shoreline, and watched as they played a game 'chase' across the rocks. Whilst watching these 2 in full play mode we spotted 2 more cubs and much younger, though they seemed to melt away into the network of seaweed, rocks and kelp.

All in all a good day, 7 Otters and the chance to watch these stunning animals as they went about there daily routines. For more information on where or how to watch Otters in Shetland you wont go wrong in checking out Shetland Nature or Shetland Otter Watching.
As if our day hadn't been good enough this Long-eared Owl made sure of it, sat out in the open in Brae.

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