Friday 9 April 2010

Happy Anniversary

9th April 2009. A year to the day the Atkinson family made the move from Cheshire to Shetland, and for the most the last 12 months have been a success. A few teething problems sure and home sickness expected, but our boy has settled into school and has an active social calender. The wife has her jewellery making scheme and is progressing into making her own glass beads with a view to becoming Shetlands only bead making supplier. Myself on the other hand, well i know how to mend leaking roofs done by so-called builders, other than that i get to look for rare birds and take some half decent photos along the way. Do i miss Cheshire? Sometimes but not very often. I have the guilt i am not on hand for work but it seems to work fine for the most whilst i am not there. Shetland is a stunning place with breath taking scenery and wonderfully welcoming people. Am i glad we moved12 months on? Most definitely.
Life aside today was very successful day. An early morning text (cheers Rory) was welcomed with the news that the long staying Bearded Seal was swimming around at Mid Yell voe looking ready for a day of sunbathing. A slight delay in getting off Whalsay meant i had some time to kill, so a check of the gulls around Laxo voe produced a very rare sight this year? An Iceland Gull.

Once on Yell i was met by Dougie who very kindly taxied me (again) up to Mid Yell. At first we couldn't see the seal and feared the worst, but all anguish was soon gone when it was spotted haul out on the muddy bank. 3rd time lucky and well worth all the effort, an absolutely beautiful creature with not a care in the world. it was totally unperturbed by our presence looking on at us rather bemused. Mid Yell is a far cry from the Canadian Arctic but it looks well at home, as you can tell.

 Picture courtesy of  Dougie Preston


Phil Woollen. said...

Well done mate and congratulations on your 1st year. Another 50 & you might be accpeted as a local!

Seal pics stunning.

Jason said...

Cheers Phil. That seal was the hardest twitch of the the last 12 months also dipping it twice before, and we think birding can be frustrating.

Phil Woollen. said...

Hope it stays until the autumn. Had to sned my Sigma lens back for repairs today. Still under warranty until 21st April! Will have to lug the big Nikon around for a few weeks. Good luck with the aurora.