Sunday 11 April 2010

Hi 5

Plenty of 'out time' over the weekend with not a great deal to show for it, at least we are bathed in sunshine at the moment. Yesterdays efforts produced 2 patch year ticks with a Teal on the Houb and Tufted Duck scoped on Vats-houll. Other than that the Collared Dove has attracted a mate and 2 Chaffinch remain. Today wasn't much different on patch, the Collared Doves and Chaffinches remain and a Chiffchaff was possibly new, also a few more Wheatears were around though very unapproachable. A scan of the sea produced the Black-throated Diver again off Challister Ness, so a speculative punt on the ness for maybe a photo only produced 3 more Wheatear.

Man City on the other hand are producing the goods at the right end of the season, thank god. Another mauling today, this time it was Birmingham City's turn with a 5 goal demolition. That's 14 goals in our last 3 matches and sets it up quite nicely for the derby on Saturday.


Tony Conway said...

Hi Jason, Good chance of Northern lights up your neck of the woods, in the wee small hrs of 12th & 13th April, check out for all the latest Aurora alerts, on the left hand side of page check the Auroral oval chart and click on Europe to see extent of orange oval, at moment very intense and reaching Shetland, good luck, Tony Conway.

Jason said...

Hi Tony, thanks for that had a sneak preview last night though the colour (green)was rather washed out. Hope for better tonight/tomorrow. Cheers for the link also will add that to the weather link on the blog.