Thursday 13 May 2010


A fine, dry, mostly sunny day, and if it wasn't for the strong wind blowing i am sure it would have been warm! Wind firmly set in the south all day and with clear skies overnight it came as no surprise there was nothing new around Brough. A good check this morning produced only 2 Willow Warblers. The Knot at the Houb where reduced to 29 but the Arctic Terns topped 100. A check of Skaw this afternoon only had a Willow and Garden Warbler, though John Laurie had a possible Wryneck that couldn't be relocated there. A call from Dr Marshall about a 'small owl with ear tufts' seen by a neighbour in Brough had me checking various areas. Fortunately it wasn't long before i relocated said bird, with the help of the local Starlings. A Long-eared Owl was sat out in my neighbours back yard and was a welcome, overdue patch tick.

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