Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Where's Your Head At ?

The title of the post will become apparent towards the end! Still feeling like summer, though a little breezy. Decided to join Dougie (last minute) for a photo jaunt on Unst, and well worth it it was. Everything played ball and showed exceptionally well. Our destination of choice doubled up with my first ever visit to Hermaness. Spectacular seabird colonies and jaw dropping scenery. Pride of place typically goes to the Puffins, nonchalantly wondering around the tourists with not a care in the world.

Away from the Puffins on the tops are the vast Gannet colonies on the cliffs. Not ideal for photography as you tend to look down on it all, but an opportunity to get some decent flight shots in interesting light.

Pretty much all over Hermaness are Bonxies, hundreds of them at that. Very vocal birds that allowed very close contact. Quite attractive brutes when there not trying to attack you...... Dougie found out, to my amusement.

A fabulous few hours on Unst was rounded off with a pod of 5 Killer Whales in Yell sound. Seen from the ferry but missed by me, i scanned the sound from Brough, near Toft and watched them for the best part of an hour. Always distant but good scope views. Hopefully some better shots coming this way courtesy of Brydon.

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Dougie Preston said...

Cracking shots mate!

To be fair, in the last shots I was changing camera batteries, honest!.... Just a good job you can't hear me screaming eh! ;)

I'll need to have another listen to my sound clips for any of your big girl noises...

Good day though!