Tuesday 3 August 2010

We Only Come Out At Night

With still nothing happening during the day i turned my attentions to some evening birds? Storm Petrels to be exact. Tried this in 2008 with good results, in a 2 hour session had at least 6 birds over/around the garden. So at 11pm last night i set up the iPod and a lamp  in the garden and waited. Blasting out the eerie sounds these little birds make, hoping for a reaction. Fortunately it did get a reaction and at 00.40 this morning a Storm Petrel appeared, it gave 3 sallies over the garden before disappearing from where it came. I gave it till 1am then packed up and went to bed, bearing the scars this morning of last nights midge feast. 1 more for the year list and a good one too as it puts me on 99.

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