Sunday 20 February 2011

Best made plans and all that !

A week of working in London and to damn busy to go for either of the mega rarities loitering just a matter of miles from the job. Fortunately tomorrow is a free day so the plan is hatched, whether it goes to the plan is another matter!
No Woolston this weekend due to the damp conditions but managed a day ringing in the garden on Friday and Hugh's today (got to keep the numbers up). Ringing ticks in the garden comprised of Starling (very nice and a selection of photos will follow) Coal Tit and Goldfinch. Hugh's was a finch fest with good numbers of Lesser Redpoll and Siskin, a lone Brambling, Bullfinch and a couple of Chaffinch. To date i stand at 234 processed and 102 extractions, not bad for a few months i think.

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