Saturday 5 March 2011

Maggie Potter

Not the early start of last week but a 6.30am roll call is still early for the majority of the population. With all the coppicing work now down we could relax a bit, or so we thought. A fire that i constructed in the week would not get going so it meant dragging endless branches to ditch and filling it. If that wasn't bad enough there were hardly any birds being caught. In total we managed a measly 14 of which 5 were retraps. Pick of the (small) bunch was a (6) adult Magpie caught in one of the potter traps that i myther to be set every week. Persistence pays off, even if it is only a Magpie.

Down at Woolston on Tuesday we got a retrap (5) Blue Tit with a retained juv greater covert that hadn't moulted within the sequence. Apparently not that uncommon but the first time i had come across this. Interesting all the same.

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