Friday 13 May 2011

How many ?

Whilst out searching for a male Yellowhammer around Marrister i noticed this fine specimen out hunting in the sea. I managed to get myself into position when i saw him, i presume, emerge with this rather large fish. I then watched him for the next 30 minutes as he devoured his diner, at times no more than 6 feet away. Just me, an Otter and the sound of the sea. Does life get any better? I  make no apologies for the amount of photos, i could have posted over a hundred!

If that wasn't enough there's a HD video to go with it as well. Enjoy.


Dougie Preston said...

Simply stunning mate!.... It's great to have encounters like these with great wildlife eh! Well done :-)

Pete Kinsella said...

Awesome stuff Jason! Its been a good few years since I`ve seen Otters on Shetland, I really must try to see them again.Your pics have reminded me what I`m missing.