Friday 10 June 2011

Back for Seconds

With no work today decided to head back over to Hartlepool headland for the White-throated Robin. Positive news from site until an hour from the bird, bloody typical. So with (still) no sign i parked up and took a look around the outer bowling green and surrounding cover. With what seemed like 30 or so bodies on site nobody was checking here instead concentrating on the inner green! Having checked the small scrub near the play park i bumped into Martin Garner, we exchanged pleasantries and started to search, it was a quick search. As we wandered along the fence line Martin said "there it is" sure enough it was in front of us on the grass. Over the next 30 minutes it performed well mostly around the inner bowling green and was a welcome upgrade on the brief, congested views i had on Monday. Bumped into Pod back after his pelagic birding in Madeira who managed a photo of yours truly in fieldcraft mode? It didn't work.


Podster said...

Great pics Jason. What camera/lens combo u using?

Jason said...

Cheers Pod. Canon 7D & 100-400L zoom that's all!