Tuesday 3 January 2012

Happy New Year

I will do a review of 2011, when i can be bothered!
Decided on a trip over to Norfolk yesterday for the Western Sandpipier. Early at Cley and in the hide to be told "its just flown off" typical. Thankfully it wasn't long before it was picked out with the Dunlin. Unfortunately it failed to come close enough for any decent photos. A trip to Buckenham/Cantley was pointless. No Black Brant at Well's. Titchwell hosted a Mealy Redpoll and the putative Coue's Arctic, though i have my doubts and being honest if i was seeing this bird on Shetland in the autumn it would also be a Mealy. but what do i know. I am thinking of doing a Redpoll post and trawling through my Shetland Mealy shots for comparison? We shall see.

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