Friday 27 February 2009

1 in 5000

Decided to whet my appitite this afternoon in preperation for tomorrows Arpley gull watch with a visit to Audenshaw Reservoir for the gull roost. The last time i came here was in 2007 and have memories of dodging dog shit, not too bad now with the Fort Knox like security fencing doing its trick, bar the few missing railings to squeeze in ! Plenty of gulls were spread across the 3 Reservoirs but for all the searching the best i could come up with was an Adult Med Gull amongst close to 5000 Black-head & Common Gulls with about 30 LBB mixed in and not a single Herring Gull in sight. I cant believe with the ammount of Common Gulls this place gets it dosen't get RBG more often, maybe they are just being overlooked ? The light was fading fast by the time the Med Gull was found and probably got the worst photo ever.

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