Tuesday 2 June 2009

Good to be wrong ?

Checked patch this morning with not much hope for anything new, that was short lived as a Siskin flew over calling. Unfortunately it was a false dawn as that was it, so turned my attentions to Broughs Butterfly's, lots of Large Whites and 3 Painted Ladies were still around.

With Broughs lack of birds decided to check a few sites on the isle, the Chiffchaff remains at Skaw and a Spotted Flycatcher was at Skiberhoull. A check of a few gardens at Hamister was more rewarding with at first a Robin then a Golden Oriole, possibly a different bird to Saturdays and another Spotted Flycatcher. A check of Symbister meadows produced an Alba Wagtail and a Common Tern was in the harbour. So much for my theory of no birds in northerlies.

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