Sunday 21 June 2009

A Royal re-Tern

Saturday 20th June

A 2 hour flight delay in Edinburgh was eased when i bumped into of all people Tom McKinney returning from a gig in Orkney. Back into Manchester and received news of the African Royal Tern appearing again, this time at Llandudno so dropped my bags at home and made the short(ish) journey into North Wales. Lots of birders where strewn along the promenade and was wasn't long before it was picked up, distant from my position but decent scope views then it disappeared around the Orme. with that i drove down to the other end and no sooner was i out of the car it reappeared flying right in front of me giving excellent views. Managed an absolute crap shot of it (dial was set to M) but at least you can tell what it is ?

A pleasant afternoon was spoilt by the old bill who pulled me up for speeding issuing me with a fixed penalty notice, bastards.

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The Editor said...

Sorry to hear about your speeding fine, you must be pleased to see it though, as many did not, so perhaps it wasn't a wasted trip afterall. Good news is it's still in Llandudno, seen it today 12:00 p.m. off the North Shore heading towards the Great Orme.

All the best, Craig Ollerton,
Editor, Llandudno Local.