Thursday 5 November 2009

Out on a high

After yesterdays totally wasted day due to the weather, it was good to get out and about. A walk around patch with the dogs produced absolutely nothing, so after dropping them at home decided to check out Skaw. Better luck here with 2 Woodcock in the plantation, a Chiffchaff and the Black Redstart bounding up and down the road and 15+ Snow Buntings that showed well.

With that gave Brough another go, the Bluethroat put in another appearance tho very mobile and 5+ Robins were logged.

Next stop Sandwick, finally got out of the car after a heavy shower and headed for the now much depleted crop. Nothing was evident until i reached the top end and disturbed something small tacking away, it was restless and gave no identifiable views and after a couple of flight views it was lost along the seaward side of the fields. On call though i was happy it was a Dusky Warbler but was obviously wanting a decent view. After an hour or so returned to the crop to try and relocate the bird, fortunately it was still present and when it finally settled was able to get decent views to confirm the id.

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