Wednesday 10 November 2010

Never Can Say Goodbye

The day that i didn't want to come unfortunately arrived today? For anybody that didn't know, our time in Shetland has come to an end and we are moving back to sunny Cheshire! We have had a wonderful 18 months, experiencing a way of life i never thought i would and making friends for life along the way. Going to miss lots of things from Shetland not least the birding, although it can be very frustrating the majority of the time, best to be left for Spring and Autumn. Fortunately i seem to have a bed all over Shetland which thankfully means i can still bird (my) patch. Going to miss my daily catch ups with the John Laurie and Dr Marshall,or Brian as he wants to be known. Dougie, Brydon, Steve, Rob and all the other guys cheers for all your help and assistance. Well not so much Dougie! In need of more like.

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