Saturday, 11 December 2010


Not such an early start this morning, the plan being we would converge on a Waxwing flock in Warrington in the hope of erecting a mist net and catching a few, or more. Up to 39 Waxwings were present but the area was extremely exposed and was prone to easy disturbance, with that in mind myself and Mike went off to Woolston NR to erect just 3 nets. Even with the decrease in nets we still managed a small selection to process, the pick being 3 Brambling and 2 Wood Pigeons. In total 39 birds were processed with 11 extractions, 13 ringed, 15 retraps and a Wood Pigeon that wasn't rung by me. News on the Waxwings was a net was erected and 2 were caught so it wasn't totally in vain, hopefully more attempts can be made over the coming weeks.

3m (bottom) + 3f (top)
Open wing of 3f with 2 old greater coverts.
Open tail of 3f showing pointed juvenile tail feathers.

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