Monday, 6 December 2010

Learn To Fly

Sorry for my non posting. I feel i need to post with pictures but don't have any to share, hopefully that will all change. Not so much birding happening what with work and the freezing weather (not that its an excuse) though 23 Waxwings around Summerfields Estate, Wilmslow on Saturday were nice to see so close to home. It is now official, i have applied for my 'T' (trainee) ringing permit and will be busy pretty much every Saturday morning for the next 18 months. Only 3 of us on Saturday with myself, Mike Miles (my trainer) and Kieron Foster who's ringing site it is. The majority of my training will be done at Woolston Eyes NR, near Warrington, a lot more on this site in the future. Only 3 nets were put up on Saturday but we still managed a small selection to process. I will update with numbers, species and various photos (probably open wings, tails and heads, all the technical stuff) over the coming weeks and months. There is a lot to learn and enjoy i feel from this aspect of our hobby and am looking forward the day i get my 'C' permit. I must add that if was not for Dr Marshall i doubt very much i would have ventured down this path, so for that cheers.

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