Sunday 30 January 2011

A touch of Thrush !

Back down at Woolston yesterday with more coppicing work being done, at least all the back breaking work we are doing will be worth it come the spring. No surprises in the nets with but still some decent numbers with 23 processed and 9 extractions, by me that is not in total. Today was an opportunity to visit a private site in Great Warford run by Hugh Pulsford, a cracking little shelter belt dissecting some back gardens and a sports field. First catch was a success with 8 Fieldfares accepting the lure of apple halves on the ground. 7 female and a lone male was the tally. It was a good opportunity to compare the differences close up of the 2 sexes. The male bird with its darker crown feathers as compared to the more uniform grey of the female also the contrast in colouration of the breast and flanks, things that you rarely notice in the field.

5m Fieldfare.

5f Fieldfare.

A (5)Lesser Redpoll and (5f)Siskin were new birds for me to process and we ended with a decent haul of 13 processed and 8 extractions. With tomorrow looking like a free day (no work) Mike and I have decided to put up some nets in the garden, fingers crossed.

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