Saturday 22 January 2011

Waxing lyrical !

Not been to much to report hence the non posting. Back ringing again at Woolston after a couple of weeks away due to the weather. Lots of coppicing again with a smattering of birds pulled from the obs nets, highlight this week was a (5) female Great Spotted Woodpecker that took a fondness to my hand? Whilst i was extracting her she decided to hammer my hand with the obvious result of broken skin and blood, at least it didn't hurt like the bite i got from a Blue Tit earlier that drew blood.
On the way home called in at Sainsbury's in Altrincham, not for food but for c.130 Waxwings that were giving rather splendid views, light was awful for photos but still managed a few keepers.

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Unknown said...

'wax lyrical, the incredible, 5-0 said freeze, cos' I had a gun, the teminator X - 1, here we go again' - a missed oportunity for a song title !