Friday 8 April 2011


Even though we are basking in glorious sunshine and temperatures are in the high teens (sorry you lot up in Shetland), i couldn't helping thinking if we had entered spring or if it was still winter? Wednesday early evening, we had finished diner and were sat in the conservatory having a cup of tea when i noticed birds in the garden oak tree. I grabbed my bins and to my amazement and undoubted joy there were no fewer than 30 Waxwing's presumably picking insects from the new growth. I rushed for my camera then faffed a bit, unfortunately something spooked the Wood Pigeons in the garden that in turn scattered the Waxwings and they flew onto the golf course and briefly settled there. I did manage a shot through the trees thankfully, so at least i have a memento of the occasion. To top off the evening 6 Swallows fly over.

Managed to get finished early today  so at least i could mow the lawn for the first time this year. Whilst setting up i got a blast of song from a Blackcap,after the grass cutting exercise i managed to pin it down at the bottom of the garden showy very well indeed. Great Tits are busy nest building in the Sparrow nest box on the side of the office, in fact its the only bird that ever nested in it. Looks like an early start at Woolston in the morning with Kieran looking to do Snipe one last time, will let you know.

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