Sunday 17 April 2011

Uncomfortable Sex ?

Not quite you are expecting I'm afraid, though no doubt the title caught your attention. A enjoyable morning was had at Newsbrook Pool, nr Congleton ringing Mute Swans. 55 Swans presented themselves with just a handful needing to be rung, after a demonstration in swan capture and processing (made to look very easy) i gave it a go!

After enticing my juvenile female with bread i managed to grab and wrestle her to the ground binding the feet and wings.
Then applying a metal BTO ring to one leg and a plastic darvic (colour- code- combination)
Biometrics were taken including a skull length.
A test your strength technique was used for the weight.
Last and probably the most uncomfortable for both me and the poor swan was the sexing, thankfully no photos were taken. Sexing involved finger tips lots of pressure and a turning inside out technique?
Other than that it was a great experience with hopefully more sessions in the future.

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