Tuesday 7 June 2011

The big Four-O

Hit the big time on Saturday, the big 40! I don't feel any different, should i ? It seems to be a big deal to everyone else but me, maybe that's just me? Anyway, had a great day Saturday although i was maybe slightly worse for wear come the end of the day. Started super early (3.30am) down at Woolston opening all the nets we set up the night before and were catching almost immediately, the first Blackcap juvs were in abundance and an early fledged Reed Warbler also found its way into the mist nets. Another juv caught was this Willow Tit that we colour ringed.

The afternoon was spent snoozing, whilst Stacey (the wife) ran around like a blue arsed fly setting up the unbeknown to me gathering happening that evening? Before i knew it my mother, brothers with wives and kids, friends and neighbours gathered for drinks, food and a few games of cards. What they didn't get there mitts into was the amazing cake Stacey had made for me. The only thing that was missing from the party was all our friends from Shetland, you were deeply missed. Other than that it was a fabulous night with good spirits and copious amounts of alcohol consumed. Fuzzy head syndrome ensued Sunsday morning.

Joined old-man-Phil yesterday for the White-throated Robin, top bird but no photos! When it flew onto the blowing green the scrum was intense but the wait afterwards was good fun. Nice to see old friends for a chin wag.

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Auld Rasmie said...

Life begins at 40.
Get's a bit rough after 50, but between 40 and 50 was the best time of my life... Enjoy it. :D :D