Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sleepyhead More Like

After a week of working nights down at the Olympic village in Stratford, London it was nice to get out and do some birding yesterday. A bit of recce work for the weekends bird race was in order trying to pin down some otherwise more difficult species. More on that after next Saturday, i wouldn't want to give anything away. I did see some Grey Partridge though that didn't mind having there photo taken.

Whilst out in Dunham Massey mid afternoon i got a call asking did i want to go for the Bufflehead (that i knew nothing about) in Lincs. Seeing that i couldn't muster up the enthusiasm to drive to Cornwall for the long staying bird i decided to go. The bird showed as well as duck can on a reservoir spending the majority of its time fast asleep, the light was absolutely awful so apologies for the crap photos. Also present were a 1w Little Gull and more Yellow Wagtails than i have seen anywhere.


Cleck Birder said...

Probs there at same time as you by the sounds. Were you one of the 2 cheshire boys? If so, nice to put a face to a blog! Got a nice look at the little gull on the way back.

Jason said...

Yeah that was me, think I asked you if you were a local? Good to meet you.