Friday, 13 April 2012

Springull Watch

What better way to spend a Friday morning in spring is there than down at Richmond Bank looking at gulls! The light was fine when i left the house but once the sun came out it was nigh on impossible. But on i struggled with a chorus of Blackcap, Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff around me and a whiff of Arpley tip hitting me in the face off the breeze. Took a while to actually pick anything out, seems an age since i did this kind of thing.
The pick of the larids on offer were 3 Iceland Gulls, a nice 3w and 2 juv/1w types.

2 adult Yellow-legged Gulls also, though with the harsh light this could have been a lot higher.

Now the not so sure gulls? The bird below. i picked it out as a Yellow-legged Gull at first then the structure looked all wrong, very sleek looking with almost long, pin thin lemon legs and a head shape much more reminiscent of a Caspian Gull but the primary projection wasn't overly long and in flight didn't appear to show pale tongues. I am crap at in flight id on gulls but followed it over to the tip then gave up. May be a Caspian Gull but then again it may not.

Next. Again the bird below, 3 options as far as i can see?
A pink legged Lesser Black-backed Gull - I think not.
A very dark mantled argentatus Herring Gull - possible.
Or a hybrid.

 Finally one for Ian, Pete and Tom.

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