Wednesday 4 March 2009

To tick or not to tick ?

The hot news from Norfolk is the discovery of a 1w male Siberian Thrush that was found fucked and then put in a cage for a bit, then released because it didnt like it. Tweety Pie never liked it either really apart from when Sylvester was on the prowl ! Never got the chance for the Fair Isle one last year and dipped the 2007 bird on Foula so this is a bird that i am itching to see. So i go in the morning and hopefully see it question is can i tick it ? Personally i say yes i dont see any difference between this individual and a bird that has been trapped & rung. I am sure there are people out there that will pour scorn on having this bird on there list but if the YN Albatross had have been seen by birders after its release i bet it would have found its way onto their list. Well lets see what happens tomorrow first then we can pass judgment. If nothing else will be a nice day out.

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