Saturday 4 April 2009

A nice pair

With a weather front moving through last night thought i would give Frodsham a looking at this morning. Maybe i should have tried elsewhere, not a migrant in sight and just a lone Chiffchaff singing. The morning wasn't totally wasted thanks to pair of 2w Med Gulls mulling around the ploughed fields adjacent to no6 tank.


Pete Kinsella said...

Hi Jason, nice atmospheric pics of the Meds.They`ve got black markings in the primaries so are second summer birds and not Adults.2nd years regularly `pair up`but may not try to breed.

cheers,Pete Kinsella

Jason said...

Hi Pete,
I did actually wonder about the black in the primaries but took them as Adults, only because they look as good as. Cheers for the correction and as you say about pairing up, they where stuck to each other like glue.