Monday 6 April 2009

Swan Song ?

Well i did it again ? And again it killed me, set my alarm for 2.25am (yes thats right) for a 3am journey down to Cornwall for the now, long staying Great Spotted Cuckoo residing at Bartinney Downs. Took a while to find mind you, but as with previous appearances showed well right on cue. The heat haze made taking pictures a nightmare and images of it sat in a bush are useless but managed a couple half decent (you can tell what it is at least) shots. Comments where made that this was my Swan Song twitch, as i make the semi-resident move to Shetland on Wednesday. But there will be more twitches in the future, i hope !

1 comment:

Phil Woollen. said...

Well done Jase. Great day and thanks for thesterling effort behind the wheel. Hope themove goes well and see you soon.