Thursday 16 April 2009

Tree's and Wood

A day in the garden was planned, planting yesterdays purchases so only a quick check around Brough this morning. Glad it was quick because it was bloody freezing but i did get a Goldcrest in the small conifer plantation, but that was it. The walk back up to the house was rewarded with stunning views of a Hooded Crow ! Unfortunately it was lay down dead.

No sooner had i planted the last 'spruce' that i received a text "male Wood Duck of unknown origin on Loch of Brow, Spiggie". Then a call from Dougie Preston had me heading for the ferry. On arrival at the loch we were met by Shetlands 'finest' Messrs Fray, Harvey, Minton, Bell and Nicholson and after good but distant scope views we decided to head down to the loch. As soon as we were in a comfortable viewing distance the Wood Duck went on the offensive firstly swimming away then flying into the middle of the loch to join the Tufted flock. In flight all primaries were visible and seemed to be in tip top condition, possibly even new. With wildfowl migration in full flow who is to say this isn't a genuinely wild bird ? Only time will tell.

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