Wednesday 19 August 2009

Have i won ?

I received a comment via email on my last post which started Congratulations ? My initial excitement was extinguished when i realised i hadn't just won the lottery or even a Swan toaster ! In fact it was due to the fact that my blog 'A Tale of 2 Halves' has been added to the BBC Countryfile top 50 birding websites for 2009 !! Is it quite an accolade ? i doubt it, but still i am quite chuffed that it has been noticed by the powers that be at the broadcasting corporation, or is it just some bloke trawling the birdie interweb looking to make up the numbers ? Either way I'm there, are you ?

On a birding note, my optimism from yesterday was short lived as a good check of patch this morning produced nothing with just the juv Shelduck still at the Houb, and the chances of getting out this afternoon are slim with the weather being bloody awful. Ah well roll on tomorrow.


Podster said...

The BBC dude has obviously not discovered the world according to Pod...
Great pics of the Pec young man.

Jason said...

Cheers Pod, i guess they don't know what there missing !