Monday 24 August 2009

The Viking Cowboy

You are probably not aware but, i employed the shittiest builder ever last year to put me some new roofs on my house. Suffice to say they were duly ripped off today ready for the new roofs to be put on. The burning question is will it be better than it was before considering that i am doing it ? You bet it will ! Never done a house roof before so it will be an entertaining challenge, done a garage and a porch and they didn't leak so should be OK. Thanks to Dougie and my neighbour James for the lift today and an SOS is going out to any roofing birders out there who want a few days up in glorious Shetland, i could do with a lift.
On a birding note the Pectoral Sandpiper was still on Houll showing down to feet, the Common Sandpiper was still with the pigs, the Whinchat, 2 willow Warblers and at least 6 Alba Wagtails were also around on patch. A Barred Warbler was up at Skaw but never got the chance to make it up there, maybe tomorrow providing i get off the bloody roof.

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