Monday 31 August 2009

Knot a good day ?

Spent a good chunk of today over in Lerwick with one of our dogs, Tilley. She had an appointment with the vets, to have some x-rays taken of her stomach ! Good news is she is fine and well within herself, bad news is she has a growth the size of a tennis ball on her spleen that needs to be operated on. So for poor Tilley, the dog that bad luck follows around has her date with destiny on Friday. I just hope for my wife's sake that its a benign tumor and not the dreaded 'C' word. Fingers crossed. Avian fauna news. Brough is still like a bird ghost town with not a migrant in sight, so highlight today was a Knot down at the Houb which enabled me to grab some slightly better pics of it. Thursday looks like a day of promise with Easterly winds predicted all day, lets hope it doesn't change.

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