Thursday 3 June 2010

Look out for Mr Stork

News of the Black Stork still present on Unst this morning had myself and John Laurie heading north shortly after 9. Once finally on Unst and news that the Stork hadn't been seen since before 9 we toured the surrounding area hoping to unearth it. No such luck. So we headed to Halligarth for Golden Oriole just to have an hours rest bite. I never saw the Oriole and John Laurie saw its arse disappearing into the distance. Unbeknown to us whilst deep in the cover the Black Stork had resurfaced back at Burrafirth, countless text messages and missed calls were logged on my phone. The bird showed well but was distant which in a way i was glad about giving no hope to it being flushed. Many thanks to Jim Nicholson for the use of his 500mm lens and Rory for the updates, cheers.

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