Friday 11 June 2010

Ray of Light

A quick check round at lunch time in grey damp conditions failed to produce a single migrant. So whilst reaching for the remote control to switch on the sound for the opening ceremony of the World Cup i glanced out of the window. A quick double take and then muttered to myself  "that's big for a Kestrel", i grabbed the bins and looked over to the Houb, an Osprey was hovering whilst getting mobbed by a dozen or so gulls. Not wanting to take my eyes off it i shouted the wife to grab my camera, but in the panic she couldn't find it. I rushed around grabbed my camera ran outside whilst shouting "phone John Laurie" then took some random photos of nothing as the gulls flew in the direction of Challister. A call to John Laurie and we were mobile but unfortunately we couldn't relocate it. So in all the doom and gloom of this Spring, today was alighted with a decent patch tick at least.

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