Friday 4 June 2010

The Secret Is Out

Well after all the speculation, rumours and whispers the news was released today of the Adult Long-tailed Skua seemingly on territory somewhere in Shetland. For obvious reasons i wont be broadcasting its exact location due to the sensitivity of the surrounding area, with breeding Red-throated Divers and Arctic Skuas close by. What i will say is, as the photos show, its stunning. I had only ever seen a Juvenile before and that was sat in a field in a land locked county. A very vocal bird that afforded some spectacularly close views and hopefully a bird i will be visiting again.

Isle's News................
A check around patch this morning produced nothing other than the skull of the Hooded Crow that was showing well in the Tree's and Wood post from last April.

The afternoon was spent off isle having birthday lunch! And being disappointed that an Iberian Chiffchaff on Unst may well be the bird of the spring. Took a trip up to Skaw this evening where a Pied and Spotted Flycatcher were in the plantation, other than that dead.

Last nights sunset from the garden.


Podster said...

Ok yawn but if its on its tod hows it gonna breed???

Jason said...

Yawn?? Didn't mention anything about breeding! Just it appears to be on territory. A bit like all these Iberian Chiffchaff's and the bloody Mamora's Warbler.