Monday 25 October 2010

9 to 5

No updates can only mean 1 thing? I'm working. I've still got another 10 days or so before I return north but I have managed to get out locally at least. Last weekend was a trip over to Martin Mere, thousands of pinkfeet are always good to see but not a great deal else. Weekend just gone was spent on Anglesey in the company of Dr & Mrs Marshall, a good days birding yesterday with obvious highlights being Glossy Ibis, Chough, Peregrine, Spotted Redshank and a Barn Owl on the way back last night. Bugger all photos taken so hopefully that's something I can rectify this weekend.


leonardbain said...

Ah, there you are Jason, thought you had flown south for the winter!

Dougie Preston said...

that wouldn't be Dr Brian Marshall 'MBE' would it?.... ;)

Jason said...

Indeed. Like myself they have left the birdless void of Shetland to see if it's any better further south! Slightly though not by much.