Monday 4 October 2010

Greased Lightning

Decided to have a day off isle and was joined by Dougie for a bit of a tour. First up was Levenwick for the (organised!) search of the now re-identified Grasshopper Warbler. Lots of people went away more than happy i think with what they saw, which was a dark tailed, pale rumped locustella spanging from one bit of cover to the next. I think there is a danger of seeing what you want to see and being sucked in by other peoples opinions and comments. Lesson learned. Next up was Sumburgh farm for the very showy Radde's Warbler, if only all birds were this easy!

Passed by Virkie on the way back north and had the Great Grey Shrike fly over heading towards Toab. The plan from there was i was going back down to the locustella and Dougie was to look for the Swainson's Thrush, that was until a text came through informing us a Booted Warbler at Channerwick had been re-identified as a Syke's Warbler, so we headed there. Just as we had encountered earlier the Syke's was bombing from one bit of dense cover to the next. I did manage a brief view sat on a fence, so better than the gropper at least. Photos here. As happy as you can be i suppose we headed north to Eshaness. Thats where we went from the sublime to the ridiculous? First the very showy Buff-bellied Pipit at Tangwick.

Then the almost tame Buff-breasted Sandpipers out at the lighthouse. Also around the lighthouse were 130+ Snow Bunting passing through.


Pete Kinsella said...

Hi Jason, good to see you`re getting stuck into the decent autumn up there, great atmosperic pics of the RT Pipit, hope it keeps on going during October!


Jason said...

Cheers Pete. Not doing to bad at the moment just hope work doesn't come a calling.