Monday 11 April 2011

Too early

My early start Saturday (04.30) drew a blank unfortunately, note to self : check other bays! Warbler numbers are slowly increasing with my first female Blackcap caught and a few Chiffchaff, though no Willow Warblers. Back down to Woolston in the morning for hopefully Grasshopper Warbler, we did try on Saturday but drew a blank. Out yesterday morning 'Dippering', checking on nests and egg numbers. 2 birds caught on the nest were BTO ringed and colour ringed for future reference. Hopefully in 2-3 weeks we should have some young to ring. Totally un-bird related my neighbour called round with a frog so i gave it a lovely new home in our pond, probably one of ours anyway. Gave me an excuse to have a play with my new lens.

Some Shetland bird news now. John Lowrie found a smart looking Woodlark at Hamister yesterday. Not long now until my Spring return, can't wait.


Dave said...

I'm a trainee ringer too. You said you had an electronic copy of Jenni & winkler. Any chance of a copy to save me scanning it?

Jason said...

Hi Dave, send me your email address.