Sunday, 14 August 2011

Tony the Tiger says "Great Shear's are Grrrreat" - Day 3

Up early again to warm sunshine and very little wind. Good sunbathing weather, maybe not so good pelagic conditions? We steamed out and started to drift and chum, it was immediately noticeable the lack of birds in the fine weather. As we drifted a few shark lines were cast with 2 Blue Sharks being caught in the process. The first was just a baby, as for the second i think it was mum? A good 8 foot long and weighing in at approx 140lbs, more pleasing for me was the fact that i am claiming a co-landing participation as i held onto the rod whilst the guys wrestled with it. With bugger all happening, it was again decided to steam for yet again another trawler. This time the trawler had birds, and lots of them. First up was a very showy Sooty Shearwater that performed to the masses on board.

If we thought the Sooty was a treat a Great Shearwater joined us and gave spectacularly close prolonged views, at times too damn close.

With our boots well and truly filled it was  time to head back to shore, along the way a pod of Common Dolphins performed there aqua acrobatics to gasps of oooh and aaah.

Another night in various pubs, a good Sunday roast and a pub quiz rounded off a fantastic day at sea.


Chris Griffin said...

Awesome shots from a quality weekend!

Jason said...

Cheers Chris. Agreed was a great weekened.