Friday, 12 August 2011

Yes, Prime Minister ? - Day 1

After travelling through the night to Penzance and getting a couple of hours kip in a dark corner of Tesco (god knows how many hundred free spaces in the car park, yet when i wake a car has parked right next to us, with the car park still completely empty! Whats all that about?),we fed up in the local cafe and boarded the Scillonian, or the puke bucket as its affectionately known. The crossing over to St Mary's was largely uneventful with a Minke Whale putting in the usual brief show and lots of Manx Shearwater on offer. Once on Scilly we set camp at the Garrison and made some new acquaintances then headed off north for a look at the Woodchat Shrike, sure enough it showed well albeit distantly.

With the Shrike in the bag (figuratively speaking) it was off to town for grub ready for a short evenings pelagic on board the Sapphire. A ropey sea state to say the least, 2m swells coupled with light rain, bloody great. Fortunately the weather and sea we encountered were perfect conditions for Wilson's Storm Petrel, and it wasn't long before Bob Flood shouted the news i wanted "Wilson's". For the next 30-40 minutes we were treated to some fantastic views at close range too. Unfortunately my camera skills weren't up to much and all my settings seemed wrong. But you can tell what it is.

Back on dry land it was off to the Scillonian Club for celebratory pints. Quality.

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