Saturday 13 August 2011

When Baly met Saby! - Day 2

After a quick recky to Co-op for lunch supplies it was back on the boat for the first of 2 all-day pelagics.With the Wilson's in the bag the atmosphere was relaxed, well it was amongst the chaps that got it. The weather was crap again but at least the sea state was a lot better. We headed out to Seven Stones and caught up with a Pomarine Skua on the way, upon reaching our destination it was very under whelming with very little happening so it was decided we should steam for a trawler some 90 minutes away! A good call as en route a Balearic Shearwater took a fancy to our chumming and gave great views.

Also along the way a Great Shearwater flew past, obviously on a mission and not even giving us a second glance. Best of all was an Adult Sabines Gull that cruised past heading for the now not so distant trawler.

Once at the trawler Bob Flood picked out a Great Shearwater, presumably the bird from earlier which gave decent views. A few Storm Petrels throughout the day but no Wilson's. Again it was off to the Scillonian club for beer and food. A great day out but unbeknown to us better was to come?

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