Saturday 4 February 2012

Cuppa Coffee Gull

Spent the morning down at Richmond Bank before the snow started to fall. Plenty of gulls with a 2w Iceland Gull present all morning and a small adult Yellow-legged Gull for the last hour. The 'best' gull was an intruiging 1w present for 20 minutes early on. A very striking gull in appearance as it very uniform in colour, i would say a coffee colour with what looked like lines or bars running across the wing coverts giving it a standout look from other 1w Herring Gulls. Head shape was nice and rounded with a small dark eye and an all dark bill. Primaries and tertials were a darker brown with neat pale edges, the tail band was fairly dark and the uppertail coverts and rump were lighter with darker patterning. Unfortunately the bird was distant so armed with my iPhone i did the best i could. I doubt much can be taken from the photos or video but certainly worth keeping an eye out for. What with the white wing influx and a Thayer's in Eire you never know!

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