Friday 17 February 2012

Top Trio

After putting it off i decided to make the trip to Hampshire for the Sparrow/Junco double. Working all week in Redditch it wasn't so bad making the journey south, almost a lie in! Arriving at the Spanish Sparrow site in Calshot just before 8am and already somebody searching. It wasn't long before it was picked up showing well and constantly singing, loudly. Quite smart for a Sparrow i guess.

From there it was a short journey through the New Forrest to Beaulieu for the Dark-eyed Junco. Again, it showed well to the assembled crowd of 3.

The bonus bird of the day was the Common Yellowthroat that was discovered in Gwent the day previous. Hardly a detour on the way home and i arrived on site just after midday. Good to see Matt Meehan again, helping with the site running. A good search for about 90 minutes until it was actually pinned down, no views on the deck just flight views through the bins. To be fair it could have been a canary (as Dougie mentioned) but fortunately no canaries were reported. Would love to say a really smart bird but i cant, others have photos to prove it is.

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