Tuesday 28 February 2012

Head Scratcher

No work, again. So more hours spent sifting through the gulls at Richmond Bank. Again like yesterday numbers were low and it showed. Most numerous of the scarce gulls were Yellow-legged Gulls with 6 adults logged, including an absolutely cracking (presumably) male with day glow yellow/orange legs. They don't get much better.

After yesterdays 5 Iceland Gulls we could only muster 1 today. A pretty bog standard 1w.

As is usual with the numbers of gulls on show there is always some intriguing ones. The bird below was structurally good for Lesser Black-backed Gull though the mantle colour was all wrong as were its pink legs. Long primary projection looks ok for LBB as does the 5 visible primary tips. Also noted was the fact it was displaying to a Herring Gull and getting quite amorous. Its mate is in the 2nd photo to the right, looking left. Is it a Hybrid? Possibly LBBxHerring?
Comments would be welcomed.

 Also noted was a Yellow legged Argenteus Herring Gull (the one calling).

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